Solar Power

Earlier this summer I bought my younger brothers old truck for whoever has to tow the trailer, better for insurance that it's not being pulled by someone else's truck. I didn't want to have to buy a new battery in the spring or drive the truck around every once in a while to keep the charge up on the battery,<div>
</div><div>The answer: A 12v, 15w, 1.25a Solar Power battery charger.</div>


  • Lucktech Photobooths
    Lucktech Photobooths
    Those are great to keep a battery up to voltage. They are also great to power QRP amateur radios (QRP=low power). I have talked all over the world using morse code, a wire antenna, solar power and 2 watts of transmitter power. Take that Internet!!!!! Those panels are so economical now. You can get one at Lowes Home Improvement for $45us. When I bought a 5watt solar panel in the early 90s I paid almost 500 bucks for the panel and charge controller. You have to love the advances in technology! I was 15 when I bought it, my parents were not happy;o)
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