What do you know now that you wish you'd know when starting a booth business?

I had a meeting with a SCORE counselor tonight to discuss starting a booth business. This forum came up when discussing researching the business and I told her how helpful everyone here had been. She thought that was great and suggested posting the above question to gain some insight into the start up process and also identify possible things to avoid. So I am taking her advice!


  • Minh
    I wish I would've measured better when building my design and thought about all the issues before hand instead of learning on the go and having to buy more stuff to make my booth the way I want.

    I also wish I'd bought the printer carrying case and thought about transportation in a normal car instead of buying a van. I spent a lot of $ ;)
  • SeyeDotCo
    1) I wish I had spent more time researching booth designs and software options. My first booth was webcam based and it was essentially boards that slid together to create a box that held the components. I built it that way to fit into my car.<div>
    </div><div>2) For my very first event using DSLR Remote, I wish I knew to keep the focus to MANUAL focus! I had to refund $700 because I didn't know what the Lock Error was referring to!</div><div>
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  • carlrez
    I have to second the notion about really considering the size of your booth and how it will be transported. My booth is rather gargantuan and I curse myself every time I have to load/unload it...LOL. It takes up probably 95% of the back of my full sized SUV. There is so much wasted space inside the booth. It really doesn't need to be as big as it is. My next one will definitely be smaller and easier to transport.
  • KEH
    I wish I had known that when something says "turn key" and seems too easy and good to be true... it usually is.
  • LorneChesal
    I am going to cheat a bit.

    I learned these things a while ago in my photography business, but they absolutely apply here and I would like to pass them on.

    - I am not anything like most of my clients.
    - what I would want in my photo booth experience *may* not be what my clients want. Or will pay for.
    - what I think is cool and cutting edge may not be.
    - don't fear making or admitting mistakes.
    - being right usually doesn't matter in delivering good customer service.
    - be nimble
    - pay attention.

    [that last one is most important IMO. If you do it, all the others happen anyway]
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