Is Kodak Photo Printer 305 Really Worth It (compare to DNP RX1)

Here in Indonesia, I have two option to buy a new thermal printer. The DNP Fotolusio RX1 and Kodak 305.

I already have a Kodak 6800 which has very good paper quality. The paper is coated/laminated so it would be very hard to tear it. It's also waterproof (I tested by flowing water through it). It cost about $120 a roll (750 4R).

I don't know about the DNP paper quality. The printer itself (in Indonesia) costs about $1300 but the paper roll is about $70.

I'm happy using Kodak printer & its paper. Somehow I'm interested in buying the new Kodak printer (305). I love the portability, only 12 kilograms (26.5 lb). But the paper roll contains only about 320 prints for 4R size. The printer itself costs about $1000 and two packages of paper roll are about $110.

Sure the DNP would cost cheaper, but I'm not sure about the paper quality. Is it also as tough as kodak has?

Here some promotional information about Kodak 305,

What do you think?

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