Service Agreement / Contract - Help Needed

I understand that every state has unique laws, so let me state right up

front that I will be meeting with a lawyer next week to initiate the

creation of my service agreement / contract.

So the help I am

looking for is not legal language or even a copy of contracts. I know

it is going to cost me dearly to have this created and I appreciate the

price many of you have already paid.
What I would like help with is

identifying the "topics" or "bullet points" that you have covered in

your agreements. I'm sure my layer will be able to address certain

issues, but I doubt he will have the experiences many here have had and

found reason to cover those issues your contracts.

I am eager to get into operation now that my construction is complete, so anything the group can share is greatly appreciated!

I'll start with a couple things but I'm sure the list will be long.

Access time to the event facility for setup and break down.
Power for the booth
cancellations - who and when - are refunds provided
interruptions in operation by weather / power - how long do you wait - refunds?
Venue fees (side note - just wondering does anyone get extorted for kick backs?)
Equipment failure

Please help build this list.. I'm sure it could be helpful to others too.


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