Hello from Adelaide, South Australia

Hi there,<div>
</div><div>My name is Ben and I am about 99% done with the construction of my photobooth. (my wifes too she points out). I'm using a Hiti 510L printer and currently have a webcam for testing purposes. I had a party recently and everyone loved it. Although a better camera is required.</div><div>
</div><div>I'm on this board to learn some tips and tricks and hopefully as my experience grows I'll be able to provide some help too. </div><div>
</div><div>Thanks for letting me on board, hope to chat to you all soon.</div><div>


  • Philbot
    Hi Ben,<div>
    </div><div>Welcome from downunda! This is a great forum and full of some great advice. Great to see some more Aussies on here. We started the same way as you many years ago so if there is anything we can help you with just let me know.</div><div>
    </div><div>Phil.</div><div><a href="http://www.redrobotindustries.com">Red Robot Industries</a>.</div>
  • Mike
    Welcome Ben we are glad you have joined us. I am sure in no time your experiences will have you helping others. Until then ask away with your questions and lets get some good conversations going.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better here at the PBO
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