Mirrorless cameras

Does anyone use mirrorless cameras in photo booths? I have had dslrs for a long time and have been using them for boothing along with breeze software. Now I'm thinking about getting a mirrorless (probably olympus pen) for using as an every day camera and perhaps as a backup for photo booths. Is there any good software supporting these? I don't expect it to be as good as dslr remote pro. Any experience with working with mirrorless?


  • LorneChesal
    Booth software is limited by the manufacturer's willingness to offer a SDK (software development kit).

    Booth software needs to be able to access the camera's firmware to offer booth-like functionality. If Olympus doesn't allow access to their firmware, no booth software will be compatible.

    It's why Breeze PSRemote won't work with the latest Canon cameras. Canon chose to stop offering an SDK.
  • bitcraft
    I used a Panasonic lumix gf1 for 2 events, but I'm glad I'm not anymore. No tethering features at all! I had to create a remote shutter switch and use a eyefi card for image transfer. It produced great images with the 1.7/20 lens, but I wouldn't go back to it now that I have a canon xs with real tether capability.
  • bassqee
    i would probably go for a mirrorless if they were supported - the olympus om-d is gorgeous!
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