for sale: Social media kiosk stand for ipad

Selling my stand.

in almost new condition.. i dont seem to nearly use it as much as i would like, so getting rid of this.

fits ipad 1,2,3,4

also has a surge protector on the inside, and y ou'll be able to set it up in landscape or portrait.

Here's where i bought it form: They have better pictures on there.

<a href=""></a>

I'm selling for $270 + $30 shipping.

I bought it from $350 + $30 shipping

Mines has the stickers still on them.. I'll leave them on there, just in case you want it.. the custom vinyl cost me around $60. so extra bonus. Comes with the keys for both top lock and back door lock.

email me: <a href=""></a>

Or text me: 512.550.3947
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