Photo Graffiti Wall : The Next Generation in Photo Booths

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Hello Photo Booth Colleagues!

My company is Peyton with <strong>Photo Graffiti Wall</strong> (<a href="http://"></a>) and we are the worldwide leading supplier of the product that is our namesake... The <strong>Photo Graffiti Wall</strong> well as a few others to be announced soon.

While we are <strong>ALL</strong> now in year #6 since the big digital photo booth "rush" of 2007 started, literally tens of thousands of DJs, party rental companies, photographers, and other weekend warriors have climbed aboard. What has that done for your business? I can tell you that our photo booth division looks very similar to the following graph:

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Yes, we were making an absolute killing for a few years there but despite our beautiful booths (we've sold ours into the homes of some of LA's biggest movie stars) and our company's professional image, the competition drowned us out. That's why we had to THINK we built <strong>Photo Graffiti Wall</strong>. Not only does it bring an incredible new layer of interactivity and creativity to each event but the event guests standing in line are even having a blast because it's such a great spectator activity.



It's a great entertainment service for corporate holiday receptions, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and parties but also doubles as an experiential marketing tool that can help you land the world's biggest corporations as clients for convention and trade show work. Our client list (and that of our affiliates) from the past year or so includes:

<ul>> American Idol Finale After Party (2 systems – Presented by FORD and FOX)

> Facebook Holiday Party (5 systems at one event!)

> Wells Fargo’s Holiday Party

> Super Bowl 2012 (Presented by: ESPN)

> Teen Choice Awards

> Nickelodeon

> Product Launches

> Breeder's Cup VIP Party

> Wrangler

> Today Show</ul>

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Please visit our website (<a href="http://"></a>), view the sample image galleries, promo videos, and give us a call so we can arrange a time for us to give you a live guided demo of the software via Skype. We offer everything from Bare Bones/DIY systems all the way up to the completely turn-key systems that are so well equipped that we can ship them straight to your first event and you'd be in business!

<strong>Promo Videos:............................................ <a href="http://"></a>

System Purchase Information:..................... <a href="http://"></a></strong>

I can't wait to tell you more! Please call today!
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