Value Added Extras?

I was just wondering what sort of added extras you think it's worth offering - and how much they get used?

Some offer keyrings, mugs, t-shirts, albums and framed prints for example. In your experience though - do they ever become popular or is the main attraction the photos that pop out of the booth?


  • Mike
    I am interested in what others are having success with here also. My market over the years has not been very receptive to any of these.

    Seems like we could identify the top ones and get some group buys together.
  • Minh
    I would say..

    every client has their own wishes... i had someone that wanted a pink photo booth and a purple photo booth and another ask for frames..

    but honestly, If you dont have it.. its not going to lose you a sale. The extra value stuff that would probably be better to have would be a faster printer, a nicer set up, and better designs, i'd say.
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