Selling a website for start up!

Well i've upgraded my website to comething else, however, I have another on

It's got all the pages, templates, and everything there already set up. I would change everything into your business name and swap over the domain for ya once you decided what you wanna call your business and send me over the logos. I'll explain how to use your new website and add pictures as well.

Smugmug is a $60 a year service with unlimited space for all your photos.

So I can get this website up and going with all your information within about 2 days if you give me your business name and some photos to add and your business logo.

Here you can see how the website will look. Oh and you can change the background color to whatever you'd like.

<a href="http://"></a>

text me if you're interested! I'm selling it for $900


text me at 5125503947
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