overheating laptop/camera

Had an outside event yesterday under a patio. It was 104 degrees. Bad Bad Bad idea...Never again..

Lesson learned

Don't leave your equipment in the car prior to an event. I was running errands before the event and had everything in the car (3hours). After setting up and 5 minutes of photo booth testing, everything was lagging and sluggish. The live view was really laggy. So i checked the computer and it was HOTTT. Took the computer out and stuck it in the freezer for about 8 minutes and it was good again.

Got everything plugged up and running and everything was smooth for 10 minutes. Then the live view stops working. Everything else worked. To see whats wrong, i try testing live view on the camera, but then i get the message temperature is overheating cannot display live view right now. There goes my problem. The camera is burning hot!! I'm not sure if it was because i forgot to turn off the camera while the laptop was in the freezer or if it was already hot when it was sitting in my car all day.

So the live view wasn't working, but it was able to take the 3 pictures with a countdown. But it was stuck on the print screen for about 40 seconds, then finally printed. Then the next person could go. Do you think my printer was overheating as well? I have the DS40 and it normally takes 8 seconds. Or was it because my laptop was too hot so it sent signals to the printer too slow?

Do you set your camera to sleep after a certain amount of time? Right now mine is on never

Do you set your laptop to sleep after a certain amount of time? Right now mine is on never

I don't have fans in my booth, but i'm not sure if that would have even helped in this heat.

Has anyone ever experienced overheating equipment inside or a venue or outdoors?


  • Mike
    One venue where I used to do proms would get to 100 degrees ambient towards the end of the event. I had one time where the equipment completely shut down due to the temperature. This was even with fans in the cabinet blowing across the equipment.

    I have a USB dongle that monitors a few points including temperature and humidity and that night I recorded measurements of 120+ degrees inside the cabinet.

    Sometimes there is nothing that can be done when the event does not have a well regulated temperature.
  • goodtimestx
    We do outside events and have had problems with heat as well. We learned not to close our cabinet that holds the camera- it is like a sauna in the box when it is closed. Every once in a while we will fan the camera if we can tell it is super hot.
  • Soundsations
    Fans in all my booths. Little $15 ones found on Ebay. Easy and quick to install. Anything that you can do to keep air moving will help. Just blowing it around inside the enclosure hardly helps....My fans are mounted to suck out from the top (where heat collects anyway). There are enough openings to get more than adequate airflow. Tested temps to be the exact as the ambient temp when fans are running.
  • cousinvinny
    I did my first outdoor event this past weekend. Besides the chill pad that I always use on the laptop, I had 2 10in fans running the entire time. I also was able to leave the back of my cabinets slightly open to circulate the air. Started wondering if you could use dry ice in front of then fans to cool things down. I guess I was lucky not experiencing the same issues.
  • maxphoto
    The worst event I ever did was outside at a farmer's market in Austin in the summer. I think it was around 107, and it was an unpaid event. I was trying to charge a few bucks per use (which went very poorly). The computer overheated, and I spent most of the day with the door of the booth wide open and a fan (intended for me) aimed directly inside. It helped some, but I never went back to that farmer's market.
  • joneilli-balang
    hi i just want to know what is the remedy of overheating loptop and camera? any solution that we can avoid in our next event? pls. help..

  • nycboom
    the chill pad sounds like a great idea !!
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