Selling my Photo Tower: Woody Allen

So, I'm selling my Tower that got me into the game. Mr. Woody Allen.

It comes in 3 pieces: Top box(50+lbs+), Bottom base(30lbs+), and Pole(35lbs+).


(1) 15" LCD (VGA connections) (rear camera not included, however, I can give you a link to purchase it)

Installed Fans

installed mount for ring flash

Shelf for ds40 or cs2 printer.

Power surge will stay in there

Arcade buttons

white front panel with extras

it will be almost a bare bones system.

THESE ARE NOT INCLUDED: ring flash, camera, netbook, rear monitor, etc.

COME AND PICK IT UP. I don't know if I am going to ship it because it's all pretty heavy, and would need to be shipped separately.

MORE PHOTOS HERE:<a href="http://"></a>

Text me if you have any questions!

Looking to get about $1981.03 for this guy!
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