Camera disconnecting

I am running the latest version of breeze with a cannon t3i and about 2 hours into my event the live view would freeze and the camera is disconnected screen would come up. I had to force quit the dslr pro software for window turn off the camera restart the software and the restart e camera. This happened about 7 times at first it was about 20-30 min apart and then it got to we're it was happening every 10 min. It was an outdoor event and it was hot. Could that be the issue?


  • Mike
    Yes your camera is probably going into thermal should get at least a fan flowing across it. It will potentially damage your camera over time.

    My very first booth did this. Fans and better ventilation resolved the issue.

    A key thing for me was exhausting the computers power supply out of the box. Dropped the cabinet 15+ degrees.
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