Hi All.

I am starting my booth 2.0 version.

I am looking at spending the extra cash and building it from scratch.

Any ideas on what metal/aluminium/wood to use?

My idea is for a medium size booth. Not to be small but not large.

I have a pickup for transporting but would like to make it simple to setup under 30min. Who has the best sample image or link to the ULTIMATE SETUP DESIGN?

Also going to be using Breeze slr software so will need an SLR any ideas on which to buy that is up to date and allows for the video booth function.



  • boothpix
    If you can transport it whole in a van probably very simple, if not and needs a car then 30 mins very ambitious.

    BTW have you looked at darkroom, no video yet but wont be long.
  • PhotoboothDude
    Its not the issue with the transport its setup time. less things to carry and obstacles like stairs etc...And always having someone join me to help where they could be at another event making more money...

    have not seen darkroom, going to try out the dslrbooth trial?
  • Unknown
    I found this on-line

    You can purchase just the "boxes" for $ 200 ( the price is noted at the bottom of the page)

    Shipping to Canada wouldn't make it practical for me, but I like the sleek clean appearance.
  • Soundsations
    That MUST be a typo. No way would he sell his cases for $200. Material costs are significantly more than that.
  • Unknown
    Looks to me like that's for carrying cases, more likely protective covers. Definitely not the empty photobooth boxes. I think he sells that for closer to 2500.
  • Unknown
    I found the page again for "Atlanta Photo Booths" and found the PRICE PAGE for the empty booth shell - without the electronics - $ 2700 The $200 was definitely for "carrying cases" DUH !

    Here's the ORDERING PAGE text copied and pasted from the source.

    Product *

    Party Box Compact Photo Booth ($3700)

    Folding Party Box ($4900)

    Slim Vertical Tower ($4800)

    15" Mid Model 5 Photo Booth ($5300)

    8" Slim Model 5 Photo Booth ($4900)

    21" Legacy Atlanta Photo Booth ($5400)

    21" Special Edition 1 Piece With Side Monitor ($5600)

    21" Special Edition 2 Piece With Side Monitor ($5600)

    Empty Booth Shell W/O Electronics ($2700)

    Hard Back ($899)

    Already Own Software (-$300)
  • Unknown
    <em>@Minh wrote:</em><blockquote>lol u crazy thinking it was $200.</blockquote>

    Hey, one can dream can't they. haha

    We are currently building a 3 piece booth from wood. If the entire "shell" can be done for under $200 bucks, I'll let you know.
  • Minh
    true that. i buy like 70$ just in screws and misc parts
  • Unknown
    We have the three "units" of the photo booth shell assembled and the two larger units covered on three sides. ( Hinged doors to be added to the back of the bottom and middle unit. Solid back on the top unit)

    We used 2x4's trimmed down to 2x2's for the frame, and the "skin" is 7 ply x 3/8". All pieces were assembled using a KREG pocket hole jig (wood was screwed and glued together) The screw holes were filled with dowel and cut off so it's clean and smooth every where. The bottom unit will eventually be mounted to casters ( lockable style) so it can be moved around and easily positioned. The exterior "skin" comes nearly to the floor so it will hide the casters. That's the plan any way.

    No one but the two of us will likely see the inside, but just in case, I like it to appear professionally finished. The "skin" was nailed on with a power nailer and the minute nail holes filled with wood filler. This thing is going to be smoother than a baby's behind when it's finished. haha

    Before adding the "skin", we thought we'd better check how the two "boxes" would fit in the vehicle before proceeding. We discovered that the roof slopes down towards the tail gate and won't allow the second unit to fit it, no matter which way it's turned or wiggled. Size wise, both pieces would have fit INSIDE the vehicle, if only the roof didn't slope quite as much at the tail gate. ( each unit was 36" high, 36" wide, 18" deep) With that discovery, the top unit was cut down by 10 inches. The "top" 10 inches will now only house lighting across the width.

    My other half who is a bit of a pack rat, had some scrounged parts from his job before he retired - heavy duty latches that held down large computer servers on packing skids during delivery. They were going to be thrown out so he picked them up and had them hanging around in the shop. He never envisioned them becoming part of a Photo Booth. Multiple latches anchor each of the three units together on the inside. ( pic attached). In our household we have a tendency to "over build". This booth is going to be extremely sturdy for sure. Weight wise, it's not bad. I can lift all the individual units by myself. But adding some discrete handles on the out side and the assistance of another body once all the internal components are in place, would make it easier.

    So far, costs for the lumber, screws, dowel and peg board ( for venting the top) is around $120.00 Add finishing for paint and it's still one heck of a lot less expensive than $2700 to purchase just a finished shell. I have plans to finish the exterior in a high gloss black and perhaps paint on a damask design in "silver" using a template. I have a very specific look in mind.

    We looked at prices on various lighting options. I have a preference for continuous lighting so we checked out ready made photographic LED panels. Found them WAY too expensive to put in three units for a photo booth.( one across in the top unit and one on each side of the monitor/camera lens) I have my large studio LED's but I want built in lighting for the Photo Booth.

    We decided that the best solution for use would be to purchase extra bright LED strips and make our own. That will likely cost around $ 300 A much less expensive solution than $300 for just ONE light panel.

    I'm thinking that the total cost for the Photo Booth will run us around $1000.00 ( I have the cameras, software a dedicated laptop and a separate hi def monitor.) Plans are to use an arcade style button, NOT a touch screen.

    For me, the most expensive piece of hardware will be a dye sub printer. That will add any where from $800 to $1500 depending upon which one we decide will provide the best options for us.

    I'm weighing the pro's and con's between the DNP DS40 and the DNP DS Rx1. I may want to print 5x7's some time in the future. A write up I came across noted that the RX1 does NOT print true 5x7 prints. They're printed on 6x8 media and they don't come out trimmed to size. If a client requests 5x7 prints in an easel for guests at a gala event, each print would have to be trimmed by hand. Not a particularly appealing option to me. So, do I sacrifice the extra volume of print media available with the RX1 for the speed and the correctly trimmed size of a 5x7 with the DS 40?

    I'll have to think about it for a few more weeks.
  • Mike
    Do you use more than 400 prints in a given event?
  • boothpix
    I can't say it's the ultimate booth set up - but we have developed ours to make it as easy as we can and still maintain the portability and it's a vast improvement on many of the meccano set styles popular in the UK at the moment. Though clearly does take up a bit more room to transport - large estate vehicle at least with printer and props.

    I took it to a trade show recently intending to use the space allocated to make a proper video, clearly showing set-up & take down, sadly no sooner had we started to set up, until packing up to go home interest all day was constant. I managed one clip of video and that's it. One or two guys (who'd not long had their own booths) were trying hard to sell them off to the other enquirers standing around so they could then buy ours.

    One of the key aspects for us was simplicity, strength to stand up to the rugby squads and options and flexibility so our booth can be used seating or standing, with some unique internal fixings to help along the way.

    AN improved camera bracket in design to allow portrait and landscape set up whilst maintaining ability to adjust up& down if needed, using the same clip on technique. If anyone feels inclined to look.
  • Unknown
    <em>@Mike wrote:</em><blockquote>Do you use more than 400 prints in a given event?</blockquote>

    I know the DS40 would probably work well for us without having to change media during most events AND from the info I've read it prints true 5x7's. I'd like to have that larger print option available, and have them trimmed to size on output.

    PRICE is the other consideration. If we are only printing 4x6 for 90% of the time, the RX1 is the less expensive investment,and it has the higher volume of print media. Slightly slower print time, but still fast enough to handle any job.

    A few event clients have asked about 5x7 prints. When I quoted them the difference in price to upgrade from a 4x6 to the 5x7, most of them quickly changed their minds.

    I want to offer double prints in the future, should clients want to pay for that upgrade option. With multiple printing per guest, I could quite easily go through MORE than 400 prints at one event.

    I think I've finally made up my mind, then I start over analyzing "options". I should just stick with the "KISS" principle.... "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID". Dropping the 5x7 print option would make the decision much easier.
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