How much $$$ on Advertising?

The three largest bridal shows in our area are sponsored by a radio conglomerate (they have 6 stations locally). In the past we were able to purchase booth space at each bridal show individually. For 2014 they are changing the way they sell the bridal shows. No longer can we just purchase booth space.... we have to purchase a radio advertising package, and then we receive booth space at all three shows for "free". And of course, the radio ad package is at significant price increase over what we have been accustomed to for just the bridal shows. I feel pretty strongly that we have to have a presence at the Bridal Shows but I'm a little nervous about making such a huge investment. The number I was quoted is roughly 10% of our total sales from last year. We are a small business, we have two booths. Both my husband and I have full time jobs and we photo booth on the weekends for extra "fun" money.

What percentage of your anual budget is spent on advertising?


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