Types of props and sources?

Where do people generally get their props? I prefer the stiffened felt props on a stick...what types of props are most popular?


  • bethestarphoto
    I've ordered my initial batch from Rhode Island Novelty - cheap plastic hats that I can discard, blow up instruments, boas. I've heard great things about Sherman as well - it's on my to do list to contact them about an account. My signs I ordered from Party City - these have been very popular and they are cheap! LOL I think I paid $2.99 for the pack - not the best quality so they aren't going to last long, but for that price I'm not worried. I'll just stock up.

    And then I add random things to my collection in my travels - Target, Walmart, Dollar Store, etc.
  • vreyes
    boas, hats, sunglasses (big/small), mustaches, and lips are popular ones.

    any craft stores or party supply store. mustaches & lips at whisker bought them here http://papercutsandwoodworks.com/product/the-whisker-stick-collection/
  • bassqee
    the whiskerworks.com mustaches and lips are my top props followed by my signs.
  • kdavies
    Still the best time to bye props is halloween time where these store pop up all over the place, usually we have two or three store this year there was seven stores. I visited them all. If you go on line there is lots of online stores to pick from but if your from Canada only some will send product over the line….
  • Daytona photo booth
    Daytona photo booth
    I just got an order from http://whiskerworks.com/ and I have to say there props are top quality. But I would get the metal rods instead of the wood.
  • bassqee
    Metal rods are the only way to go with them, and they are not exactly much dearer.

    We recently lost some of our Christmas props (drunken guests decided it would be a great idea to use them to make noise by banging them on my table!) so am going to make new ones using my silhouette cameo to cut out shapes in cardstock.
  • Mike
    All mine from them are. You have to select the option at checkout. I think they are $1 per prop
  • boothpix
    I personally love signs and wold run the booth with only signs if allowed too! After that apart from having wholesale accounts with a few party supply companies we just pick them up all over. Great value has to be in the discount stores though as you get less stressed if they do break or go missing.
  • Funpicsphotobooths
    I get cool felt hats at yard sales, Oriental Trading has some cheap hats and other items. Esty has some very interesting items...good place from high quality memory books for clients looking for that special item for their wedding.
  • BoothFairy
    I make all of my own custom signs in Adobe Illustrator and glue the printed pieces to foam board and then cut them out with an Xacto knife. Then hot glue them to wooden dowels. Clients' love the added touch to customize to their event.

    I have standard boas, beads, eye glasses and such. Some from Amazon, some from the $1 store.
    Being in Seattle I have a lot of Seahawks gear and stuff too.

    I do not use many hats other than 1 set of Viking horns. But I do have a giant box of wigs that people love! All purchased for various Halloween's over the years.

    One of the things that I just tossed into the props box one day was a Lion puppet that somehow ended up at my house. It's now one of the most popular ones used. Also, now I have a Seahawks mascot "Blitz" puppet that people really love.

    I've found however, it doesn't matter if you have 80+ props sitting on your table, someone will undoubtedly walk up and ask for some prop I you don't have.

    I've attached 2 of my most popular signs that I've made personally. Members here are free to use. Please do not upload to any other sites or use for commercial purposes. - Kyle
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