Canon T3 Delayed Flash - Unhappy Clients

With our first photo booth being a success, we have run into a small issue, and I finally am looking for help - When the flash on the Canon T3 Rebel isn't used, the pictures look pretty dark - We run a pipe and drape adjustable set up, which is usually 4-5 foot wide by 5-7 feet deep. When I have the flash on the camera on, the pictures look GREAT, but there's ONE problem - With the possibility of someone moving in the booth or whatever, the camera takes a refocus and delay flash. Any suggestions? Could I hook up just any kind of strobe light (this is where I'm completely ignorant), if so what kind? I don't think the Canon T3 Rebel accepts a Sync cord, which would make me get a hot shoe? Any suggestions out there? Those of you with a Canon T3, do you have settings set differently to not have delayed flash? ANY help is greatly appreciated!


  • bassqee
    always an advocate of getting a strobe :)

    The alien bee 400 gets a good writeup and are pretty compact.

    you'll need a hotshot adaptor such as these -

    its probably more the refocus rather than the flash thats causing the delay, theres always a slight lag there, you could move over to manual focus so you don't have that issue but depends on how you like your booth working ( i auto focus)
  • Mystickal1
    I use manual focus just to avoid these issues. I'm not sure on the Canon since I use Nikon, but on the auto focus settings, there should be a setting for single focus or continual focus. If it is set to continual focus or full auto, it will try to refocus if someone moves. On the Nikon they are labeled AF-A (Auto- camera selects it for you) AF-S (single focus) and AF-C (continuous focus).
  • boothpix
    The simple solution is to switch the camera to manual focus, which is how you should be operating the booth anyway, do a test focus at set up - then flick it to manual.
  • hentertainment
    Thanks everyone! Again, being a DJ and jumping into this "photography" is quite the learning experience, so I appreciate it all!
  • hentertainment
    I had a chance to check my settings on the Canon t3 today - My option is clicked to Manual Mode - I went into my settings and this is what I see:




    ISO: Auto (Should this be changed?)

    One Shot

    In my AF mode, the one-shot af is set to One shot - my other options are AI Focus, and AI SERVO -

    My Live view shoot is disabled, my AF Mode is Live Mode, the Grid display is off and my metering timer is 16 seconds.

    I hope I can get some answers out of this - thank you all again for your help!!
  • bassqee
    you should get your iso off auto as it could affect your image exposure if something confuses the camera.
  • hentertainment
    I changed the iso to 1600 - should i go to the max of 3200 on this?
  • Ballyman
    You need to learn a little bit about exposure I'm afraid. The camera a and strobe needs to be setup manually otherwise you are relying on the electronics of the camera to guess what's I'm front of it and get the exposure correct. You also need a strobe.

    Start with your camera at 1/125, f8.0, ISO400. Prefocus your lens where people stand to take a PIC and then put the lens in manual. Now setup the power output of your strobe so your ezpossure is correct. AL done :)
  • Mike
    Here a cool site to check out
  • Unknown
    Another point to be aware of... No matter what the settings in the menu, autofocus is turned on and off at the lens
  • nzphotobooth
    For flash photography you need your camera on manual (especially ISO)

    F-stop & the iso will effect your exposure.

    Shutter speed will effect the ambient light only(light around you)

    I set my camera on(when inside)

    3200 iso

    shutter 1/125

    F-stop around 7.1

    I have an external flash that I just increase or decrease the power of to effect the exposure

    If the exposure is over (to light)

    3 options

    increase the F-stop to 8 or higher


    reduce the IOS


    turn down flash power

    If to dark

    reduce F-stop to 5.6


    turn up power on flash
  • nzphotobooth
    I have my camera on manual focus

    To change the exposure of your photo (Light or dark) using flash.

    You can only changing the exposure if using flash by:

    F stop


    Flash power

    Shutter speed only effects the ambient light.

    I set the camera on


    F 6.3

    at 1/125th

    Flash power on minimum

    If its to dark: turn up flash power or reduce F-stop

    if to bright reduce IOS to 1600
  • takemypicturedon
    I have a T3 and use a video light ( constant on but I can adjust as the ambient light decreases) settings are ISO 800, AI Servo, AF and set on P mode.

    My Program is DSLR Booth

    This picture was all the above with 1/80 sec, F4.5
  • indy99
    I am surprised at some of the settings I see posted.

    My settings: iso 125, shutter 160second, f/11 aperture, manual focus.

    Flash- Alien Bee ABR800 ring flash set at 1/8-1/4 power.

    I would not use an on camera direct flash as it will produce harsh shadows.

    Use an Alien Bee B400 flash diffused lighting or an umbrella set-up for best photos.

    I like Alien Bee and Paul C Buff units because they are extremely reliable, adjustable, and user friendly. Repairs if ever needed are very fast for service.

    Some folks balk at the cost when they see a unit on Amazon for cheap. That cheap unit will cost you hundreds of dollars when it dies on a shoot. Pay a little more and get high quality. In the end it is your butt on the line.
  • kevin-colangelo
    what software are you using?

    what make f booth - who buillt it?

    you need to install a hotshoe on the camera - dont use pop up flash thats useless;

    connect and install a studio strobe and set the camera dial to m - manual;

    in your software set the following settings

    iso 800

    tv 1/200

    av 11 - you can alter this to brighten and darken;

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