Hiti printer repair

The cassette in my HitiL is jammed in there, will not come out. The button to push for ejecting won't move at all. Not a paper jam, I was able to rewind it. Any suggestions?

Anyone know who repairs/refurbs these?




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    If you go to the HiTi website they list authorized repairs, but I believe the only location in the States is in California. BUT, if you check out the "Where to Buy" link, you can look up local locations that supply HiTi products and see if there is anyone close to you that supplies/repairs them. That's how I found a local guy to fix mine and also found out that they sell the consumables for cheaper than where I was getting them :)
  • Victoria
    @Tedd1154  I ran into the same problem with my HITI 510l this week end while testing it just before leaving for an event. I was not able to fix it and had to attach my own personal ink jet printer. It worked but not very well.

    I'm stuck for this weekend and not sure what I am going to do.

    Did you get yours fixed? How? Where?

    I'm in New Jersey but cannot find anyone local to repair it. I called Hiti but could not fix it with their suggestions.




  • redrocks69
    I recently ran into a similar problem where I kept getting the printing error code of paper jam/remove tray and reinsert blah blah.... After an hour of troubleshooting (I've been using Hiti P510L's for almost 3 years) I gave up and just kept using the digital email option. (luckily it was a free event I did for a friend). Turns out there is a little piece of plastic on the bottom of the paper holder that if it gets even the slightest nub it will not engage properly to the mechanism in the back of the unit when inserted. (and make it so it won't come out or very difficult to get out). I've attached a picture showing what I'm talking about. It's hard to see but the piece of plastic that's shaped like an arrow has a little worn out part. It should be straight. Had to buy a new paper holder from Hiti. But lesson learned about never ever ever transport your printer with the paper tray in the unit. A few bumps here and there and things break, get worn out, etc...
  • angel-vidana
    Hello, excuse me Just found this problem with my Hiti 510S printer, is there some other way to remove the cassette maybe to replace or check what is wrong inside? Orange push button not ejecting.. same as Tedd1154.
  • fedricklies
    On the last 3-4 inches of paper, there will be a partially printed image.  We want to remove this bad portion with a straight line cut.  Re-align the paper between the red lines and close the cassette.  Remove the bad section of paper with a straight cut.  Rewind the paper until the front edge meets the lip of the cassette.  Pop that back in and we wll be ready to work on the ribbon


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