Displaying Photo Booth Printed Sign Props

For those that have the printed rectangular sign props like the ones below, how do you display them?

I don't really want to lay them flat on a table, as I feel it will take up too much space. I was thinking about some sort of stand/display.

<img src="http://papercutsandwoodworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/theSignCollection.jpg" alt="">

<img src="http://instaphotoprops.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/bundle-924x784.png" alt="">


  • HAMA Photography
    HAMA Photography
    good subject... More to the point though where do you get those signs and what are they made of?
  • Momentz
    I bought the signs from papercutsandwoodworks.com. I already have their props on a stick, and thought it would be nice to add the signs. They are made from PVC, and the different designs are printed directly onto the PVC. It's nice that they are two-sided, so that every one has a different sign on each side.

    I was thinking about using brochure/magazine racks, file sorters, and/or even plate display racks to display them.

    I've gotten some feedback from others that no matter how you display them, it doesn't mean that people will put them back. Some have said just to use a basket-type container and let people pick through them. This way it's easier to maintain, I guess. I'm gonna try the basket for this weekend, and see how it goes.
  • PictureX Photo Booth
    PictureX Photo Booth
    <em>@HAMA Photography wrote:</em><blockquote>good subject... More to the point though where do you get those signs and what are they made of?</blockquote>

    I get mine from InstaPhotoProps.com. Guests LOVE them! Looking forward to hearing people creative display ideas also.
  • cpphotobooth
    I use a metal mail organizer (looks like a napkin holder or "toast rack", but has several slots). Works really well and keeps everything neat.
  • bethestarphoto
    I just put them on a table. They are the most used props and I don't think there is any way to keep them neat after the event starts. LOL People just shuffle through them and find what they want without problem.
  • BoothFairy
    I went and got an inexpensive plastic flower pot in my brand colors (see photo) and filled it with cardboard then decorative sand. I have a foam core circle that I use to keep it closed off when it's in transit. But I also found decorative sand at the $1 store that matches my orange and blue branding. It works great! For signs I've made that are not on sticks I have a basket that i put them in. I spend a lot of time reorganizing but I don't mind. People are there to have messy fun!


    I also just found this on amazon. I ordered it but it has not arrived yet. So I cannot say how well it will work.


  • nycboom
    hey folks..we use a mason jar filled with marbles (to weight down)

    may have 2 or 3 jars depending on the amount of props on sticks
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