Looking for feedback on photo-booth.biz


I'm looking to purchase a photo booth from "photo-booth.biz". It's a round aluminum frame and plexiglas model. Does anyone have any feedback they can offer, pro or con. Any assistance would be appreciated


  • PhotoboothDude
    personally, I prefer 'old school' booth. But I notice that these spiral booths seem to be taking up quite well. It does look modern!

    Sorry about not being to helpful haha
  • TheShoreThing
    Did you ever get any feedback on photo-booth.biz? Did you wind up getting one of his? I've been debating myself as well. I called him on the phone. He was very helpful and seemed pretty knowledgeable. He's got som nice designs. I was thinking of buying one of his "kiosk" models and using my hardware. Please let me know where you are in the process.

  • ShotsPhotobooths
    <em>@TheShoreThing wrote:</em><blockquote>Did you ever get any feedback on photo-booth.biz? Did you wind up getting one of his? I've been debating myself as well. I called him on the phone. He was very helpful and seemed pretty knowledgeable. He's got som nice designs. I was thinking of buying one of his "kiosk" models and using my hardware. Please let me know where you are in the process.


    Google "Rolland Elliot" who is the owner of photo-booth.biz, and read all of the negative reviews and better business bureau complaints..i was about to place my order but i felt like something just wasnt right. Make your own decisions, but i decided not to trust him after all those horrible stories abouy getting ripped off from him.
  • Daytona photo booth
    Daytona photo booth
    When I first started my business i bought his booth and it came in used and was bought as new. I would stay away from him.

  • TheShoreThing
    Just did the Google search. That really helped me make up my mind!

    Thanks to all of you who replied! This site is awesome, and I plan on being a regular contributor to the fourms!

  • Mike
    <em>@TheShoreThing wrote:</em><blockquote>Just did the Google search. That really helped me make up my mind!

    Thanks to all of you who replied! This site is awesome, and I plan on being a regular contributor to the fourms!


    Glad collectively we were able to help you out. We look forward to contributions Neil!
  • boothpix
    I don't like it Roland because you beat me to the URL! Only teasing!

    Looks good.

    I for one welcome Roland to the group, his knowledge and experience has come to help many on other forums he also contributes too.
  • blissphotos
    Worst booth ever. I purchased his DIY booth and man I made a mistake. It was shipped all in one box, look like someone just tossed it in there and I paid extra for shipping! I opened it up and all the aluminum was scratched, like it was used before. I noticed the white acrylic panels were scratched also. So I began to put it together and the some of the cross bars were too short to attach and had gaps in it. The holes for the screws were also drilled to big so the screw head went right thru. then I final got it together and now noticed the aluminum was not flush and kinda had a rock to it as it sat on the ground. So not pleased at all. well then the panels that he "custom" cut did not line up at all with the camera and the monitor( I sent specs) he also failed to cut holes for the printer and the power cord at the bottom, so I had to take it to a sign shop to have some holes cut.

    So I get it all modified and the things just garbage. I used it for the 1st time and now see the camera is way to high so pis are head shots only. lmao. so now I guess its back to making more changes to this booth and drilling more holes.

    BTW no customer service skills at all, his last words to me were if you don't have a drill borrow one from your neighbor and fix the booth.
  • blissphotos
    Totally unhappy - My advice is to run the other way...Fast!!! The booth is terrible and customer service is even worse. :(

    I feel ripped off. Not worth the money I spent at all.
  • diamondphoto
    Wow I must be the only person here who actually likes his booths on this thread. Healthy debate is a good thing. His booths are definitely cheaper than many of the other options on the market. Personally, I wanted the system in place so that I could learn the basics and teach myself. I purchased the folding LED booth and it was exactly as I expected. The components were in place, software loaded, and everything was ready to go. It was up to me to customize it myself and teach myself the in's and out's of the booth. This is how I would have preferred to get my booth rather than someone hold my hand the whole way through. You don't learn anything other than what you discover for yourself.

    For those who complain about not being able to cut a simple hole out of plastic or that they can't adjust the camera...you should probably not be a photo booth operator. These are simple adjustments that almost anyone in the industry can accomplish with basic tools. Nothing is easy and nothing is perfect. The booth's unique style is one of the reasons I think we were so successful this year in in-line business lined up for the summer. It's different, it's unique, and it's something you won't find elsewhere. Not to mention the ability to transport it in a small car is essential to our business model.
  • Minh
    Why don't you have a return policy rolland if all these people say they feel ripped off? Just curious. Maybe with like a restocking fee or something.
  • PapaT
    <em>@TheShoreThing wrote:</em><blockquote>Did you ever get any feedback on photo-booth.biz? Did you wind up getting one of his? I've been debating myself as well. I called him on the phone. He was very helpful and seemed pretty knowledgeable. He's got som nice designs. I was thinking of buying one of his "kiosk" models and using my hardware. Please let me know where you are in the process.


    My apologies for not responding sooner. Thanks to this forum I was able to come to a quick decision, and I never looked back. I just ran across the subsequent posts and felt bad for not responding to your request. I googled the guy after receiving the first response and decided, that was a can of worms that I didn't want to get involved with. I would like to give the guy benefit of the doubt, but there was too much negative for me to want to take that much of a gamble.

    Thanks to all who have contributed, and potentially kept me out of trouble.
  • Jsphotobooth
    Thanks for the feedback. That helped me consider other vendors.
  • Jsphotobooth
    I still like the design options they have but they look complicated to put together. Do others that have them feel that way? If the customer service is there I would maybe consider them. I need a model or kiosk that will work as closed or open. Any feedback or suggestions welcomed
  • Unknown
    I've built all my own booths so I've never had a Rolland booth, but I will say it's neat to see him post here. From the videos I've seen, I think he's come up with more designs and ideas for booths than anyone else, especially for making them ultra portable and convertible. We all know that we can't touch the popular franchised booth design, as it actually does have patents pending. (Although I've seen some booths with designs curiously close to it) :)

    I have a dedicated minivan for transport, so a design with break down panels, popup canopies, etc, isn't my cup of tea, but for others I can see the value in it.
  • Darren
    Run, in the other direction. The products and videos do appear innovative and are tempting, I was tempted and took the bait. After a few emails and phone calls, I got my booth ordered and the impression made was that I would have it within a week or two. (I had a gig in a month that I needed it for) A few days later I get an email asking "hello I am just following up to see if you are still interested in buying a photobooth unit?" It was then that I got worried, because I had ALREADY ORDERED IT so I emailed him asking when i would get it by because I had a gig the last week of May and needed time to get familiar with it. He replied "yes you will have it in plenty of time for that evnet." So for almost a month, I was trying to keep up on progress and particulars...with little communication from Rolland. I was incredibly nervous because I had little knowledge of the booth operation, this was my first one Well, I finally got it, 2 days before my event. A truck backed up to my driveway and dropped off a pallet with jumbled panels, boxes and a dirty duffle bag all plastic wrapped to the pallet. With no pack list or instructions, I slowly took it apart and noticed that the aluminum was all pretty much scuffed up, with some dents on the transitions and areas that appeared to have some kind of buffing and other areas that did not. There were extra holes drilled here and there, misaligned latches with broken rivets, and some latches that will not tighten no matter what you do, in fact, some of the latch "catches" were grooves that were dremeled or ground into the opposite channel, completely sloppy work. Even the roof panels were "trimmed" with jagged edges and one had a slice through the material and someone had put clear packing tape over it to "repair" it. Some backdrops simply didn't arrive until after the event. And the all-in-one computer had tons of misc folders with various images/video on them, some personal. Basically, I had to sideline this booth for that weekend. I had a friend come over the following week to help me assemble it and get it running to check out the workflow, he works with aluminum as a profession (watercraft lift manufacturer) and we both agreed that although the booth was a decent prototype, it is not a finished product by any means. Afterwards, the rest of my experience was snarky emails (if I was lucky enough to get a reply), no replies to messages/voicemails, and when I did get ahold of him, often it was him placating me saying he would take care of this and that, and then never follow up on it. It took for me to publically mention something on another photobooth forum to get him to finally reply to me, and when he did, others did too who have experienced the same problems. It was then suggested that I Google "Rolland Elliot BBB" (for better business bureau) to see what I had missed prior to doing business with him. My findings largely confirm my experience as not a "one off" but also carry over to his other dealings under various names and "businesses". My recommendation is to avoid at all cost, the product isn't what it is cracked up to be, and for the whole packaged experience, easily not worth it. I actually signed up for this account this past week because I tired of his poisonous posts to customers, vendors, and competitors on another foum, only to sadly find out (not surprisingly) that he is on here too, chasing away and nipping at other vendors, and making backhanded comments of other designs that are not his own...
  • Darren
    Rolland when we talked you made it sound as though I would have it within a 2 week period, tops. You even sell them on ebay, which would leave most folks to believe you have them ready to ship. And no, 2 days isn't enough time to get familiar with the booth setup and software, so I had to basically pay someone else to cover my gig for/with me. It really wasn't much of a choice to make, my customers don't pay me to see me flounder, neither do yours.

    There were printer issues, but since you don't return messages, I had to call PFSNY directly to get a replacement from them. The backgrounds didn't come with the first shipment, it was then that you mentioned you shipped them seperately, they showed up maybe a month later?

    My friend designs and makes aluminum structures for a living at Shoremaster, yes, i would consider him an expert. The product I received was rough. And yes, I have mentioned issues before, I even sent you an email upon it's very arrival addressing them.

    I also never mentioned you by name on the other forum when I asked others opinions on what they would do in my situation. It was you who took it upon yourself to tell everyone it was you. It also was only because my taxes were due that I mentioned it on teh forum (again, not naming you), and it was only then you did something about it. You literally ignored my requests (4 emails and a phone call since last year) until I brought it public.

    I still have your folders on the all-in one I computer I got from you, maybe I'll send you some examples, they are worthless to me...I use the backup monitor I purchased from you as the main one was obviously used. (Somebody else has this same problem with you too, they sent me a message after my post)

    And yes, you have gotten heated with me, esp when I called you out for not replying to me, yet hanging out on forums replying to every other post made. It was along the lines of "I'll do with my time what I like" and going off about how you wish your customers would get their own extra equipment directly because you don't make a buck supplying it to them, and having stored inventory, and they want turn key solutions, and rush jobs etc.

    Rolland, I like the idea of your booth, hell, I bought it. Like I've said to you before, I would accept it's shortcomings much easier if you would have been a much better person to deal with. You provide almost ZERO customer service after the sale, and what you do provide is arguably unprofessional. Keep in mind, I kept my mouth shut until you outed yourself, and decided to fight with me instead of doing what you said you were going to do, and that was simply give me a damn receipt for a $6000+ something so I could claim it on my taxes. I wish nobody to go through what I have, and am going through with you. I know I'm not alone, as I've been contacted by others.

    BTW, you just emailed me threatening to sue me for slander unless I remove my post? What about the whole army of folks who have complained about you through BBB, Ripoff Report, Yelp, Complaintsboard, Weddingwire, Pissedoffcustomer, Etc. ? Are we all delusional?
  • TheETeamdjs.com
    I know this discussion may have come and gone, but I wanted to weigh-in as well.

    I kick myself that I did not do my homework on Rolland, after all of the research I did on trying to find a booth I liked.

    My experience with Photo-booth.biz/Rolland was a nightmare. Both with missed delivery date, improperly mailed packages, to shoddy construction, unusable equipment and pirated software. In addition, "Customer Service" is not a word I'd associate with Rolland, as he is rude, fairly unresponsive, and treated me as if I was lucky to have purchased his product.

    The design of the booth is great, I bought a kiosk, however the reality of the produce is that it looked like something created in high school shop class. The finish was appalling, rough edges, poorly measured parts and an excess of double stick tape as a primary construction tool. I had to replace one of the tablet monitors because the bracket holding it in was only attached with tape, and the tablet fell out of the machine. I currently have to find a metal worker to re-solder some of the support beams as they are coming loose.

    The actual guts of the machine seem to be made of spare parts and junk found off of eBay. The flash system used was for a regular SLR and not a DSLR so I had to replace that immediately.

    All of the software that I "purchased" turns out to be pirated. When I went to upgrade I was informed that numerous people were using the same license and I had to buy another version of the software.

    I suppose I am lucky that the jumbled mess, with a bit of work, is functional enough to use and from a distance or in the dark looks presentable. This is my actual booth - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8hU2IY04H8&t=27

    After getting the product and seeing its condition, I then google'd Rolland - He had a couple name variations but when I found all of the complaints I felt like a fool.

    If I can prevent one person from making the same mistake, it was worth posting this.

  • photo boother
    photo boother
    I Wish I Had Found This Site BEFORE Purchasing My Booth From Photo-Booth.biz!!

    What an utter and complete ripoff!!  What I received was NOTHING as advertised as his website.

    Here is a copy of the last email I sent Roland Elliot regarding his booth:
    <div class="gmail_extra">"So the second ipad you sent me is not in the best condition and I was hoping to exchange it for a proper one.  The main button at the bottom of the screen is really loose and wiggly and the edges of the ipad case are loose and don't seem very durable.  I'm surprised Apple would send out a refurbished item in such a condition.  You said they were refurbished, but did you get these ipads refurbished from Apple? Also, the first one you sent me has all of your personal information in it and I have access to one of your email accounts and the ipad says it has two users, you and "Molly" I believe.  How do I reset this to remove your info but retain the programs I need for the booth?</div>
    <div class="gmail_extra"></div>
    <div class="gmail_extra">Also, when I was talking to you about printers before I purchased the booth, you said I would be getting a Bravia printer that printed photos and stickers.  I decided to purchase an additional printer for the purpose of having stickers printed, since I already have one dye-sub printer that does not have this option.  However, you sent me the Colorstream printer which does not have sticker printing capabilities.  And, while the dummy battery for the AC adaptor you sent me is finally the right size for my camera, your rigged up AC adaptor does not work. Along with the hotshoe sync cord you rigged up and sent me.  The AC adaptor I purchased new from B&H works great, so I'm assuming I will have to purchase a new sync cord as well.  And, with the LED lights you sent me, once I hook them up (in any section of the booth) they do not look like the promo picture on your website.  The entire booth is not illuminated in color, just one section.</div>
    <div class="gmail_extra"></div>
    <div class="gmail_extra">I am seriously disappointed in the quality of the booth I paid for and received. It was barely as advertised.  You never included the main power cord on the first shipment, you shipped the whole thing weeks late because you lost my payment info, the printer was not the one we discussed in emails and now I cannot do stickers, you had to keep sending me last minute shipments because you never included all the items necessary to use or power on the booth (including the main computers power cord, the proper AC cords we discussed for my rebel t1i, the router for the ipads to connect for social media, the LED light panel, the second ipad, etc.). Most of the items you did send me are clearly used or jerry-rigged and not in their original form and do not work properly, the booth does not light up in full color as advertised on your site, one ipad was clearly used for personal use before you sent it and the other is a lemon.  Also, the printer hole you cut in the back was not the right size for the printer you sent me.  We had to modify the hole in order to get the catch tray in there, otherwise all prints would just drop directly onto the floor after printing. And the exterior panels of the booth are already coming unstuck from their frame, some were already unstuck when we first opened it.  I can't believe that this is what I got for $4000!  I feel like you misled me, did not offer what was advertised and what I was paying for, and the quality of product delivered is sub-par.  I'm hoping you have an idea as to how to rectify this disaster."</div>
    <div class="gmail_extra"></div>
    <div class="gmail_extra">In his first shipment to me he never included all the items as advertised or that was agreed upon.  I couldn't even turn the booth on because I had no power cord for the computer. Every item inside the booth has been altered or rigged in some way and is not in it's original form.  Most of his cords that he spliced and rigged together (like the camera AC adaptor and hotshoe/sync cord) don't even work.  I had to purchase new ones.  On his website he shows a colorful and fully illuminated "Party Pod". In reality, only one of the three sections actually lights up with colors.  It took him three separate rush shipments to get me all the basic items for the booth since they were either not included in the original shipment, or were for the wrong equipment.  I had ordered my booth over 2 months before I needed it for an event, but since he lost my payment info, it got shipped weeks late.  After not returning my phone calls or emails regarding a delivery date, he finally fessed up that he lost my info and was too embarassed to tell me.  So then the booth was late, was missing all the things I needed for it to be fully functional, I still had to modify it to make it work, and there is no user's manual to boot.  So, I had to spend over an hour on the phone with him as he verbally walked me through how to set up all the programs, etc.</div>
    <div class="gmail_extra"></div>
    <div class="gmail_extra">By far, THE ABSOLUTE WORST, customer service interaction I've ever had on a professional level.  Considering the price for the booth, I'm beyond disappointed.</div>
    <div class="gmail_extra"></div>
    <div class="gmail_extra">I urge anyone looking to buy anything from him, to look elsewhere. Yes, he's cheaper, but boy to do you pay for it anyways.  I learned the hard way, hopefully someone can learn from me.  I will be reporting him to the Better Business Bureau and any and all review sites I can find online.  Too bad, because at first glance, this booth seemed to be a pretty awesome idea.</div>
  • cheryl-singletary
    I'm so happy that I googled his business I was literally 10 seconds away from purchasing (2) diy iPad kiosk. However when it came time to make the actual purchase something told me to look up reviews for the business. And I mean if I'm dishing out thousands of dollars to any company.. I want to see reviews.. I want to see what people are saying about the product that they purchased. That was the first red flag to me that there were no customer reviews on the website. He has tons of people responding to his feed on YouTube's etc and it takes him weeks if not months to reply back to the thread. At first I thought maybe he's super busy but then writing an email to him he took just as long. I had a few questions coming into the door like what type of an equipment should I purchase for the iPad kiosk.. he told me one thing and then I had looked at the website and it stated something else. That was my second red flag my third red flag was when I had someone else reach out to him and he told this person a completely different story. After all the running around and going back and forth and still not hearing anything again from him asking me whether or not I was going to go through with the purchase.. I googled his business and his website and the reviews I saw we're astonishing. Definitely made me reconsider purchasing any thing from him not even sheet of paper. It's just sad to see because he has a talent I think that's not even a debate by anyone.. But to rip off hard-working people who are just trying to make a living in this world is completely wrong on so many levels. I did go ahead and purchase another booth from another company. I hope people look at these reviews before they make a purchase. I want to submit my review because I recently contacted him and I didn't notice a lot of reviews from this year so people think that he might've changed or that things are different just take a look at this website. And if anyone has links to other iPad kiosks please be sure to send them to me. Thanks!!
  • tran0439
    Anyone willing to email me pictures about Elliot Rolland photobooth products? I purchased a photobooth from him about a year ago and pretty much the booth he sent was crap. I never really got around to file a complaint just because 1.) it took him like 8 weeks to send me the booth and 2.) his unprofessional excuses why the booth looks like crap and 3.) I swore, he gave me someone else's booth that was returned to him and it was very dirty. Would like to know what he sent other people. Please attach any pictures from your experience to this post so I could report him and ban him from ever making photobooths.
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