Sparkbooth buttons

Anyone using sparkbooth and having trouble with buttons, this is what I did.
took apart a USB mouse, removed the switches, soldered leads from the board to the buttons. Using a program called X mouse button control, which emulates any keyboard press only when sparkbooth is running.


  • corey6464
    We use a Griffin Powermate for our Sparkbooth booths, they work great, and are not too expensive...


    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>




  • kwahaes
    +1 on the Griffin Powermate and everything Corey6464 stated.
  • Chuckles
    I just use a Microsoft Surface Pro in my booth and have Sparkbooth set up to Touch Screen controls.

    I used to use this one: <a href="">USB Button</a>, it comes with software to change the color of the button when plugged in and pressed (can be two different colors).  You can program any keypress, or command into the button when pressed.  Worked really well for me prior to upgrading to a Touch Screen.
  • corey6464
    Funny story...


    We typically use our touchscreen to start the session as well. A while back we had an outdoor gig, and as the sun went down we kept suddenly hearing the photo booth running without anyone in it. Eventually we found that the little bugs liked the light of the monitor, and they were enough to trigger the touch screen…


    From then on we’ve had both our touchscreen and our Griffin Powermate, and for outdoor events at night we just disable the touchscreen.


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