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    I kind of think to be successful you either do something 100% or go do something else.  So I spend my days advertising, dealing with clients, accounting, prepping all of our booths for the weekend and getting all details over to our staff.  We own all of our own equipment and have hosts pick up and take to event.

    our only really slow time used to be january, August, and September, but that seems to have changed a bit due to the overwhelming number of new booths coming to town on a weekly basis.  Great for manufacturers, and competition, but it does push rates down, clutters the market place and the slow periods seem to be slower now than in previous years.

    So to answer your seasonal question....   just like a gardener or lawn-care service,  you need to look at your income on a yearly basis.  Then plan for that IRS bill due in April.  And of course plan for the slow months.  Just manage your money....  I do this with a business savings account, but there are tons of ways to save and manage money. 

    We also try to put off new purchases for about a year, generally in January or after the dreaded April 15th date.  Then we know how much we have to spend to repair and buy new equipment.

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